Zoho CRM Taps RingCentral for Call Management in the Cloud

With the rising popularity of alternative office space -- from virtual offices to coworking to executive office suites and beyond -- cloud business communication and collaboration solutions are seeing momentum. On the CRM front, Zoho is tapping into that trend with a new RingCentral integration.

Zoho CRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is integrating RingCentral?EU?s technology. The bottom line: Zoho CRM customers can now leverage RingCentral?EU?s customer call management bells and whistles as part of the CRM experience. The idea is to help companies streamline communication with customers.

?EU?By integrating Zoho with RingCentral?EU?s cloud business communications solution we are addressing a key requirement that many of our 15-plus million users are demanding: better customer engagement and automation,?EU? said Ian Wenig, vice president of business development at Zoho, in a statement. He said the RingCentral integration would offer companies a ?EU?more holistic view of customer interactions in addition to smoother operational workflow.?EU?

Plenty of Benefits

In its announcement, Zoho kept sending the same message: The RingCentral integration makes it easier for companies to offer better phone-based customer service. We drilled down into the how behind the promise and discovered several interesting features.

First, there?EU?s single-click calling. That?EU?s a more efficient way of dialing, saving customer service reps a few extra seconds and avoiding misdials. Zoho CRM now also offers screen pop-ups for incoming calls, which help assure that customer service reps won?EU?t miss a beat even if they are multitasking.

Another strategic function is automatic call logging. This tool lets sales and support teams manage every single call-related activity right within Zoho CRM. Ultimately, that automation saves time and drives workflow efficiency.

On top of all this, every RingCentral feature in the Zoho CRM system offers reps access to contextual information during the actual call. The goal is to help agents build stronger relationships with customers...

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