ZenHub Brings Enterprise Project Management Service to GitHub

Enterprises that use GitHub for software development now have a project management tool that integrates directly with the open source repository: ZenHub Enterprise. The new offering lets large companies that already use GitHub Enterprise use ZenHub's collaboration platform without having to open applications outside of GitHub.

Now available globally, ZenHub Enterprise was in testing and development for around six months, the company said. It launched with three key customers: Imgur, Ikyu.com and ICON Health & Fitness.

The new solution was engineered "from the ground up to meet the deployment requirements of Fortune 500 organizations," according to ZenHub. Companies that use ZenHub Enterprise can deploy the tool onsite behind their own firewalls.

For Enterprises that 'Already Live on GitHub'

Launched in October, ZenHub is a project management and collaboration tool that operates within GitHub's user interface. The company said the offering makes it easier for development teams that "already live on GitHub" to streamline workflows, centralize files, manage projects and work with non-engineers on a UI that they're already familiar with using.

The new ZenHub Enterprise is "the first and only project management tool that works natively within GitHub Enterprise, offering seamless integration to keep your workflow in one place," the company said. It's designed to enable companies that have already invested in GitHub to "make the most of that investment."

ZenHub said dedicated account managers will be able to guide new business users through the process of implementing enterprise plans that are customized to their companies' needs.

"We're incredibly pleased about this new addition to the ZenHub suite, enabling even more teams to stay in the zone and do their best work every day," the company said.

Helping Companies Manage Growth

One of the early adopter companies that has already been using ZenHub Enterprise is the image hosting and sharing site Imgur. Brian Kassouf,...

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