YouTube Giving expands to let more channels fundraise for their favorite charities – CNET

Angela Lang/CNET

After a debut last year, Google on Tuesday is rolling out the YouTube Giving program widely to celebrate Giving Tuesday. Google announced the change on its blog. As of now, all channels that are a part of YouTube's Partner Program and have more than 10,000 subscribers can participate. You also have to be based in the US, Canada or the UK to be eligible.

YouTube Giving is a built-in tool to help you raise money for an eligible charity. Nonprofits that meet the other criteria can also use the program to fundraise directly. Sign up, and you can add a donate button to your videos or livestreams so viewers can give money directly to your favorite cause. 

Channels designated as made for kids aren't eligible for YouTube Giving. Otherwise, you can sign up and select your charity through the YouTube Studio feature. The menu will also offer an option to request a nonprofit be added if you don't see your favorite on the list. 

Google's announcement highlighted the work done by the Daily Show's channel to raise money for the Bail Fund and by a nonprofit called Goats of Anarchy to raise money directly. 

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