YouTube CEO: The Future Is Mobile

A redesign of YouTubeEUs mobile platform was one of a number of key announcements made by Susan Wojcicki (pictured), the company's CEO, yesterday. Wojcicki gave the keynote address at VidCon in Anaheim, Calif., for the second straight year. She was greeted as a hero at the annual online video conference, receiving numerous rounds of applause during her talk.

She said mobile video is the top priority for YouTube, which is observing its 10th anniversary this year. That focus is borne out by the fact that more than half of all YouTube views are made via mobile devices -- and that revenue from its mobile platform has doubled since a year ago.

The new YouTube mobile app will highlight discovery and expression, said Wojcicki. Available now on Android, mobile Web and, before long, iOS, the app has new in-app recording and editing tools with filters and music, vertical video playback and what Wojcicki described as the most requested feature from video creators: a simple way for the creators' fans to opt in to all notifications from their channels.

New Frontier

Wojcicki also addressed virtual reality, calling it a "new frontier" for YouTube. The company plans to add 360-degree, 3D video support later this year that will enable an immersive virtual reality experience. Also, YouTube Space, the companyEUs fleet of development studios, will be upgraded with new Jump cameras that can capture 360-degree video to better facilitate the creation of immersive content.

3D support has the potential to be very popular with YouTubeEUs most rabid fans and users, gamers. Gaming videos, such as livestreaming gameplay and gaming commentary, are the most popular categories of videos on YouTube. Immersive video could make them even more beloved by such users as the maniacal fans of Minecraft.

Wojcicki emphasized that YouTube plans to keep investing in its...

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