Your VPN Needs These Eight Essential Features

Given the large number of VPN services available, it can be challenging deciding which one to sign up for. While the websites of VPN providers are useful up to a point in terms of highlighting important features (and indeed limitations), sometimes more crucial info is buried deep in the site.

So to avoid any danger of you being razzle-dazzled by a VPN's fancy website, we've put together this article which looks at the truly important features to bear in mind when picking the best VPN service for you.

1. Plentiful server locations

A VPN hides a user's data by encrypting it with a tunnel created between the user's device and the VPN's web server. The user then takes on the IP address of the web server (rather than their true IP), and this leads to one advantage of a VPN, namely that a user can appear to be in a different geographic location than they are actually located in.

This can have many uses, such as being able to access streaming services or shopping sites specific to a certain country, bypassing what's known as geo-blocking.

The important point to bear in mind here is that any good provider will have a healthy spread of coverage across a wide range of countries, giving you more options overall. Furthermore, the more servers available in each location, the better (as they're less likely to be overloaded, so you'll get better performance levels).

2. Mobile apps

Any VPN will offer client software for a Windows PC. However, many of us now spend more time on our smartphones or tablets than on a traditional desktop computer or laptop. In fact, in many places (including the US) there are now ?EU?smartphone only' folks, who use their handsets as a primary method for online access, and this trend may be responsible for slowing fixed...

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