Yahoo Inks Search Deal With Yelp

The once dominant Yahoo is scraping and clawing to steal market share from Google any way it can. Under ex-Googler and now Yahoo CEO Marissa MeyerEUs watch, the company has been aggressively working to improve its search engine and its latest move is a partnership with Yelp.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mayer unveiled YahooEUs partnership with the local business listings and reviews site at an employee meeting on Friday. YelpEUs content will soon find its way into YahooEUs search results, the paper reported.

EUWe are long in search, and we do intend to continue to invest in the search user experience, and in really making sure that Yahoo users on the network ultimately really get a tremendous experience,EU Mayer told analysts, according to Marketwatch.

Yahoo Rising

We caught up with Greg Sterling, principal analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence, to get his take on the new deal. He told us the new Yelp content will be helpful to Yahoo as part of incremental improvements to its search experience. He also offered a significant EUbut.EU

EUI would not expect any significant market share changes. Yahoo has an opportunity in mobile to gain EUsearchEU share with the right mobile apps. We will see how the company uses this content if at all in mobile,EU Sterling said. EUBing has a deal with Yelp that is similar. That has not had any significant impact on Bing usage.EU

Mayer needs to do something in the realm of search. According to comScore, Yahoo has 10.8 percent of the search market. That compares to GoogleEUs 67.3 percent and MicrosoftEUs 18.2 percent. After paying out partnership revenues to Microsoft in the fourth quarter, Yahoo posted $461 million in revenues, an 8 percent increase. But itEUs still not enough to regain the companyEUs former search glory.

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Of course, Yahoo isnEUt resting on YelpEUs...

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