Yahoo Grabs Market Share From Google

Who would have thought one browser-makerEUs move away from Google could have such a big impact? The search engine giant is losing market share in the wake of MozillaEUs decision to make Yahoo its default browser.

In December, Yahoo achieved its highest U.S. search share in more than five years, according to the latest data from StatCounter, an independent Web site analytics provider. At the same time, Google fell to the lowest monthly share yet recorded by the company since StatCounter started measuring in 2008.

ItEUs absolutely no coincidence that these December stats -- which Yahoo is celebrating and Google is likely bemoaning -- coincide with Mozilla making Yahoo the default search engine for Firefox 34 users in the U.S.

Could This Trend Continue?

LetEUs drill down deeper into the numbers. StatCounter Global Stats reports that in December Google took 75.2 percent of U.S. search referrals. That compares with 77.3 percent in November. Bing came in second with 12.5 percent of the searches in December, compared to 12.1 a month earlier, and Yahoo ranked third with 10.4 percent in December, compared to 8.6 in November. Although Google is still dominating, the impact of MozillaEUs move is clear.

Could this trend continue? Possibly, especially given the immediate bump Yahoo witnessed after just the first month of MozillaEUs shifting allegiances. December marked the start of YahooEUs partnership with Mozilla, bringing an end to Mozilla's 10-year relationship with Google.

EUThe move by Mozilla has had a definite impact on U.S. search,EU said Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. EUThe question now is whether Firefox users switch back to Google.EU

WhatEUs interesting is how big the impact is, considering how few use Firefox in the grand scheme of things. Firefox users represented just over 12 percent of U.S. Internet usage in December, according to StatCounter.

Switching Back to Google?

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