Yahoo Boasts Security Improvements

In response to revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on Americans, as well as other security concerns, Yahoo has expanded its encryption efforts to include traffic being sent between data centers. Much like Google, the majority of traffic sent to Yahoo is now encrypted, including through email, search, or other Yahoo services.

Leading the new encryption and security expansion efforts is YahooEUs recently appointed chief information security officer, Alex Stamos. Stamos, who has been a vocal critic of the NSAEUs spying and other mass surveillance programs, hopes to protect YahooEUs users by keeping their data secure.

Encrypted sessions for Yahoo News, Sports, and Finance will now be possible if a user types in EUhttpsEU before the site URL. For many of its most popular services, however, Yahoo automatically uses https as a way to prevent spying by malicious groups or government agencies.

Not Finished

The changes that Yahoo has implemented thus far were first promised in November, and even though the company has come a long way, Yahoo is far from done. Over the coming months, Stamos has announced that even more security enhancements will be implemented to make Yahoo as impenetrable as possible.

Even though most of the primary services offered directly by Yahoo are now protected with https and other forms of encryption between servers, Yahoo still has to work with its partners to encrypt other services that are not entirely under its control.

EUOne of our biggest areas of focus in the coming months is to work with and encourage thousands of our partners across all of YahooEUs hundreds of global properties to make sure that any data that is running on our network is secure.EU writes Stamos. EUOur broader mission is to not only make Yahoo secure, but improve the security of the overall...

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