Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Looks an Awful Lot Like Samung’s Ill-Fated Note 7

Xiaomi, a Chinese brand who is starting to compete with the big names of the mobile phone industry just launched its brand new MiNote 2, and it looks awfully similar to the ill fated Samsung Note7.

It features a 5.7-inch 2K OLED display, but this is a curved option making it one of the first phones to come with the bendable screen tech outside of Samsung's Galaxy range. It has a metallic frame with a fingerprint sensor under the home button and a full glass back. The phone also runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, a 4,070mAh battery and 6GB of RAM, proving that this phone can be quite a powerhouse.

It rocks a 22.56MP camera created by Sony and features electronic image stabilization as well as hybrid autofocus. There?EU?s also an 8MP camera on the front of the phone.

The phone will have two versions, the cheapest version, with only 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage cost 2799 yuan (about $410) and the higher end version with 128GB storage version with 6GB of RAM which will cost 3299 yuan (about $490).

For now it seems the Xiaomi MiNote2 will only be available in China for now, and a spokesperson for the firm commented "it?EU?s currently planned to go on sale in China only. We don?EU?t have any more information about its availability in other markets." However, this is quite odd as there is also a "global version" of the Mi Note 2, priced at 3499 yuan (about $520). Xiaomi says the phone covers ?EU?global LTE bands?EU?, suggesting it may be set to head out further into the world.

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