With Reported Price Cut, Is 2014 the Year for Google Glass?

Wearable tech is already becoming a major consumer electronics industry, and while smart watches may be failing to take off with the public, Google Glass has built up a lot of interest, even among average consumers. For nearly a year, Glass has already been available to early testers. Now that the test period is coming to a close, the official version of Glass should be coming to the public in 2014.

Back in April, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt told reporters that the public could expect a finished version of Glass by 2014 and possibly in the first quarter of the year. With only a few days between now and 2014, Glass appears to be within sight, causing analysts and journalists to wonder if this coming year will be the time when Glass and other wearable devices finally become popular.

Potentially Affordable

Google made it quite simple for people to get involved with the Glass explorer program. For many people, the only thing preventing them from signing up was the $1,500 price tag. Google reportedly will be making the final version of its high-tech glasses available for around $600, which is within reach for many consumers.

Price is always a limiting factor for the success of a new gadget and although consumers understand the need to spend hundreds on a smartphone or computer, Google may have to persuade consumers that $600 is a good price point for Glass. Analysis of the wearable tech market from earlier this year showed that consumers are leery of these new devices, and most people, while intrigued by Glass, cannot imagine actually buying it.

Can It Be Successful?

Most analysts agree that while Glass is revolutionary in numerous ways, its potential for success in 2014 is not significant. A $600 price tag is far better than $1,500, but in an...

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