Windows 9 Screenshots Allegedly Leaked

ThereEUs been a Microsoft leak, but not the kind that leaves users open to identity theft. Rather, leaked Windows 9 screenshots are circulating on the Internet and, if they are bona fide, offer a glimpse into what the future of desktop computing may look like for Windows users.

ComputerBase and WinFuture, two German technology sites, got their hands on 20 images that claim to depict the EUWindows Technical Preview.EU Technically speaking, EUtechnical previewEU means Microsoft is allowing a group of people to see the product and use the software in a beta-like trial.

So whatEUs new in Windows 9? Well, for starters, it offers a Windows logo for any app running on the desktop instead of a EUFileEU button. Screenshots of the new operating system also show a notifications panel that displays reminders until youEUve either marked them off your list or decided to ignore the prompts.

Blending Old and New

With all the clamor about the missing start button in Windows 8, the screenshots show its clear return on Windows 9. Other images show a virtual desktops function that lets you set up spaces you can store with apps running inside them.

We caught up with Rob Enderle, a principal analyst at the Enderle Group, to get his thoughts on the leaked Windows 9 screenshots. Based on the images he saw, he told us Microsoft appears to be blending the best of the new and old worlds.

EUThe change should be far more palatable to users of the new interface and it is supposed to optimize better for [changing] modes. For instance, now in Windows 8.1, you change modes based on the app you are using, with Windows 9 it appears you change modes based on the way you are using the PC, one mode for touch and tablet and another...

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