Windows 10 Upgrade Installs Automatically on Some Windows 7, 8 PCs

If that pesky "Get Windows 10" symbol in your task bar annoys you, you might want to be thankful thatEUs all you have to deal with when it comes to MicrosoftEUs push of its new operating system. Microsoft has confirmed that a number of Windows 10 upgrades have been performed on Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines without the permission of their owners.

This follows on last month's revelation that a Windows 10 installer had been automatically downloading onto Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines even when users had chosen not to upgrade.

The tech Web site Ars Technica discovered that Microsoft had changed the "optional" upgrade status of Windows 10 without letting any customers know. The result was that a Windows Update message contained an already-checked box next to "Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro." That meant a userEUs computer could automatically upgrade to Windows 10 the next time an important update was installed.

Acting on Its Own?

Users did have to opt in to a point by clicking the Get Started notification prior to the update notice. The installer does require the user to tell it to proceed. But for many users, unchecking the Windows 10 upgrade box would only take them back to the Get Started box every time they manually updated their operating systems. Getting around this meant going into the Settings menu of Windows Update.

Users have also noticed that removing the "Get Windows 10" come-on from their task bars requires a multi-step process that must be repeated every time they restart their computers. For the first year of its availability, Windows 10 is free for most Windows 7 and 8 users.

Previously, when upgrading to Windows 10 was purportedly optional, the persistent need to opt out of the operating system upgrade raised eyebrows. Some users have said Windows Update...

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