Will Apple iPhone 6S Come with Force Touch?

ItEUs that time of year. Apple is getting closer to rolling out the next iterations of its iPhone. That means the rumor mills are churning overtime and reaching farther into the future.

LetEUs start with what we know for sure, or at least according to Bloomberg. Apple has started early production on new iPhone models, the 6S and 6S Plus, with the so-called Force Touch feature. Force Touch, which was rolled out for the Apple Watch, senses how hard users are pressing down on the screen. News reports reveal users can adjust the pressure sensitivity on the next-generation iPhone.

That would be evolutionary for sure, but itEUs hardly revolutionary in todayEUs smartphone market. So what is it about the rumors that really start reaching into the future possibilities? ItEUs doubtful that weEUll see holograms beaming out of the iPhone any time soon but there are some predictions that could cause more Android users to lay down their phablets and migrate to AppleEUs innovations.

Wild but True Rumors?

A Taiwanese publication called Business Weekly, for example, is convinced Apple is working on ways to put more than one camera lens into the next iPhone. According to the report, a dual-camera lens iPhone is at least three years in the making. Of course, HTC already has a dual-camera phone. The benefit: you can capture 3-D images. So holograms, no, but 3-D, maybe.

Other rumors suggest Apple is going to do away with the actual home button and replace it with a virtual button thatEUs powered by biometrics. ThatEUs a big change for sure, but hardly earth-shattering and potentially troublesome given the misfires my iPhone 6 fingerprint scanner throws.

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