Will Apple Breathe New Life into Old Devices with iOS 9?

Could the new version of AppleEUs mobile operating system make your old iPhone or iPad run more smoothly? That could happen when the tech giant rolls out iOS 9, which is supposed to focus on performance and stability instead of new features.

That focus on performance could extend all the way back to three- and four-year-old Apple devices, according to a report on 9to5Mac. The Web site cited sources within AppleEUs software development departments saying that Apple engineers have been advocating for a focus on stability in 2015 in the wake of the buggy debuts of both iOS and OS X.

Maintaining Support

The report said that one focus of iOS 9 has been optimizing the operating system for old devices -- including the iPhone 4S and iPad mini, which are not known for running iOS 8 very efficiently. Normally, Apple drops support for devices once theyEUre more than a couple of years old, but the company has reportedly built a core version of iOS 9 that's designed for those devices. According to the report, the devices will run that core OS instead of the OS thatEUs meant to optimize Apple's newest hardware.

The move to help old Apple devices last longer could be part of the companyEUs wider strategy. More and more, Apple has encouraged customers to buy older phones such as the iPhone 5C. The reason? If the newest versions of iOS don't run correctly on the 5C, which is more than possible, users are going to have bad experiences with their phones, making them less likely to buy any more Apple products. Increasing the life of older products could help Apple in emerging markets, where customers are less likely to replace their devices every time a new version comes out.

Security Enhancements

Beefing up their stability might be only one of...

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