What iOS 8 Brings to the Mobile Table

Apple is generating plenty of buzz for its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch models, but behind the scenes itEUs the iOS 8 thatEUs gluing all the innovations together. The tech giant will start rolling out the new version of its mobile operating system on September 17 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users as a free update.

Apple is billing iOS 8 as a simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience. The update includes new messages and photos features, predictive typing for the QuickType keyboard and Family Sharing, along with a new Health app and iCloud Drive. The upgrade also offers more than 4,000 APIs that let developers customize the mobile operating system.

We caught up with Avi Greengart, an analyst at Current Analysis, to get his take on what iOS 8 offers iPhone and iPad users. He told us the key feature is a new level of openness.

EUIn the past, if you were a software developer and you wanted to create something that replaced elements of the iPhone, like if you wanted to put your own QWERTY keyboard on there, you couldnEUt do it,EU Greengart said. EUWith iOS 8 you can. So there will be a whole bunch of third-party swipe type keyboards available for the iPhone for the first time.EU

WhatEUs in It for You?

Drilling down into the features, Messages will let you tap to talk or share your voice, photos or videos. You can also send more than one photo or video at a time. Group messaging lets you add and remove contacts, leave a conversation, or just choose not to be disturbed by the chatter while you're busy. You can even share your current location from within Messages.

The Photos app does a lot of EUauto magicEU for you, including straightening horizons. Other editing tools let you adjust...

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