Were the NYSE, Wall Street Journal and United Airlines Hacked?

It was a rough day in New York City on Wednesday. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) went down. The Wall Street JournalEUs (WSJ) Web site went off line. And United Airlines was forced to ground flights.

What went wrong? Computer glitches, reportedly. But is there more to the story? Jonathan Sander, strategy and research officer at data security company Stealthbits Technologies, told us thereEUs no reason to doubt the strong statements both United and the NYSE made via Twitter about their respective outages.

EUBut what does it say that this is the first thing everyone assumes? If you went to a clothing store on Main Street and there was a EUweEUll be backEU later sign in the window, would you assume a thief had broken in?EU Sander asked. EUItEUs very clear that the good guys are not winning the PR battle in the digital security world. We all assume the bad guys can take down any sized company at any time.EU

A Crack in Our Tech Foundation?

Igor Baikalov, chief scientist at data analytics firm Securonix, is nevertheless concerned. He told us if the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are ruling out a cyberattack as the cause of outages at United Airlines, the NYSE, and the WSJ -- all happening in the span of a few hours on Wednesday morning -- then our technological foundation is in a really bad shape.

EUItEUs our critical infrastructure weEUre talking about. To have vital transportation, financial, and media companies, that are heavily dependent on technology, experience disrupting EUglitchesEU in their busiest hours is something that only global war game scenario can envision,EU Baikalov said. EUItEUs just not something that one plans for in real life.EU

NYSE President Tom Farley said an SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) software update that morning...

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