VMware Rolls Out EVO Software-Defined Data Center

VMware is rolling out plenty of new innovations at VMworld 2015. One of the latest -- VMware EVO SDDC (Software-Defined Data Center) -- is designed to make SDCC build outs and ongoing operations a whole lot easier. ItEUs a fully automated software suite for delivering the software-defined data center as an integrated system.

VMware EVO SDDC is the the foundation of the companyEUs Unified Hybrid Cloud platform. Practically speaking, the SDCC extends virtualization principles like abstraction, automation and pooling across all data center resources and services. The result: more efficiency. VMware claims enterprises can cut capital expenditures by as much as 49 percent and slash deployment and provisioning time to hours instead of days.

"Organizations have adopted the software-defined data center architecture to become more agile, responsive and profitable," said John Gilmartin, vice president and General Manager of the Integrated Systems Business Unit at VMware. He expects the technology to help companies leverage VMwareEUs entire SDCC portfolio in one system thatEUs easier to deploy, operate and scale.EU

Intelligent SDCC Automation

Indeed, VMware is billing EVO SDDC as the easiest way to deploy and operate a SDCC. The technology includes the foundational components of VMware's hyper-converged infrastructure -- VMware Virtual SAN, VMware vSphere and VMware NSX. Together, this sets the stage for compute, storage and networking to converge over one software layer that can run on any commodity x86 infrastructure.

VMware EVO SDDC includes VMware EVO SDDC Manager, an intelligent automation engine that promises to simplify and reduce the time required for power-up, provisioning and monitoring both virtual and physical resources. Meanwhile, the EVO SDDC Manager will pool resources across multiple racks as a single "virtual rack" and can carve out workload domain capacity based on availability and performance requirements.

"As one of the largest data center operators in the world, VMware EVO SDDC allows us...

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