Vets In Tech Helps Veterans Land Technology Jobs

It launched in San Francisco this summer, but Vets in Tech is making big headlines this VeteranEUs Day. The platform aims to connect returning veterans with the technology community and offer support for education, entrepreneurship and employment.

Specifically, Vets in Tech aims to give back with a tech-specific network, resources and programs for U.S. veterans interested in pursuing technology careers. ItEUs a first-of-its-kind initiative thatEUs getting high praise from government officials.

EUVets in Tech is a much-needed veteran entrepreneurship initiative here in the EUInnovation Capital of the World,EU combining three of my priorities: jobs, vets, and technology,EU said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. EUReturning men and woman who have served our country deserve a chance to get the good jobs in our new innovation economy.EU

Staggering Vet Unemployment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), returning servicemen and women face difficulties finding jobs when they return from the field. Indeed, the BLS reports that jobless rates for veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq era are much higher than jobless rates for the rest of the nation -- and even worse for younger veterans. Vets younger than 25 are posting a 30 percent unemployment rate.

All told, that translates to nearly 1 million veterans currently unemployed. EUBut the tech industry is hiring like crazy right now,EU said Katherine Webster, founder of Vets in Tech and Tech Central SF. EUThere are 8,000 tech jobs open in San Francisco alone, and some tech companies are hiring in the thousands.EU

As Webster describes it, the mission of Vets in Tech is to bring these veterans together with the tech community, fill some of those open jobs and start building relationships. She says vets and technology are a perfect fit.

EUThe current generation of veterans has had more exposure to technology than any other,EU she says. EUThey have...

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