Verizon To Begin Testing 5G Service Next Year

While most industry watchers are expecting to see telecom providers begin to roll out 5G communications technology sometime after 2020, Verizon is hoping to jump the queue. The countryEUs largest wireless service provider announced today that it plans to begin field-testing the technology as soon as next year.

The next generation of communications technology promises speeds up to 50 times faster than 4G LTE technology, the fastest mobile phone technology currently available. According to Verizon, next-generation devices would experience signal latency of just milliseconds. Widespread deployment of fifth-generation technology would also make it possible to handle an exponentially larger number of Internet-enabled devices, as is expected with the growth of the Internet of Things.

Verizon Forms Working Group

EUFive G is no longer a dream of the distant future,EU Roger Gurnani, executive vice president and chief information and technology architect for Verizon, said in a statement. EUWe feel a tremendous sense of urgency to push forward on 5G and mobilize the ecosystem by collaborating with industry leaders and developers to usher in a new generation of innovation.EU

As Gurnani suggested, Verizon wonEUt be alone in its efforts. The company is teaming up with a number of technology companies to develop the tools required to make 5G a reality. Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Samsung have all partnered with Verizon through the companyEUs 5G Technology Forum, which launched last month.

EUWhen youEUre planning a technological evolution at this scale it must be a collaboration of players in the ecosystem,EU said Marcus Weldon, chief technology officer of Alcatel-Lucent and president of Bell Labs. EUHaving Verizon initiate this effort now, even as 4G LTE technology has so much headroom left, will no doubt add to the rich fabric of our digital lives for many years to come.EU

Although the announcement indicates that Verizon hopes to...

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