Velostrata Unveils New Hybrid Cloud

San Jose, California-based startup Velostrata came out of stealth mode today to unveil what it says is the "first real-time hybrid cloud software." The company said its offering, currently being beta tested by several enterprise customers, reduces obstacles to hybrid cloud adoption by leaving storage on a customer's premises while handling varying workloads on demand in the cloud.

That approach lets business users avoid the security and compliance risks associated with off-premise storage, the company said. It also reduces customers' needs to "overprovision" their data centers or pay for costly cloud-based block storage, according to Velostrata.

Velostrata today also announced that it has raised $14 million in Series A venture capital, with funding led by Norwest Venture Partners and Greylock IL Partners. The company said it plans to use those funds to "further develop the product roadmap" and build its North American and European sales, marketing and support teams.

'Frictionless' Hybrid Clouds

CEO Issy Ben-Shaul (pictured) and chief product officer Ady Degany, co-founded Velostrata after working on optimization, intelligent streaming, caching and storage technologies at a number of other companies. Ben-Shaul was previously CTO and co-founder of Actona, a WAN optimization company acquired by Cisco in 2004. Degany was most recently in charge of product management and marketing at the storage gateway firm StorSimple, purchased by Microsoft in 2012.

"Our vision for Velostrata is to enable frictionless hybrid clouds for any workload in real time," said Ben-Shaul in a statement. Most hybrid cloud deployments today are limited because "there are just far too many barriers involved for general-purpose use," he added.

Most customers, "don't want to move their large production data assets permanently to the cloud," he said, adding that Velostrata's technology eliminates such barriers to adoption.

"Velostrata has been working with dozens of companies since March 2014 as part of its early access...

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