VCE Rolls Out Hyper-Converged Software Defined Data Center

In a move that may turn the heads of IT admins, VCE just expanded its hyper-converged Rackscale family. The VCE VxRACK system promises to help IT quickly and cost-effectively build and operate clouds that tap into the benefits VMware's Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) offers.

One of the key attractions VCE VxRack will offer IT is choice. With its new system, VCE shows it understands that workloads have different requirements and customer environments vary. VxRack Systems give IT admins more options and the ability to map systems to specific app environments.

EUAs IT budgets remain flat while the pace businesses are moving increases, IT organizations are turning to VCE converged infrastructure to transform their data centers to support growth," said Todd Pavone, VCE's executive vice president of product strategy and development, in a statement. He said the new systems provide "unparalleled flexibility" because of the "choice of software stacks that define the system's persona."

The Importance of Personas

VCE is describing the VxRack System as a turnkey hyper-converged system based on VMWare EVO SDDC. It comes with VMware's software factory-integrated and VCE's pre-engineered factory built hardware and management software. That means IT gets storage, network and compute virtualization with strong automation and management.

The company is stressing the importance of personas, which work to do away with complexity and pave the way for a faster path to SDDC benefits with a flexible scale-out platform. The company also emphasized how its new rack system reduces risks and sets the stage for data center transformation. Ultimately, VCE is driving IT toward a unified data center architecture that can span multiple locations.

"CenturyLink offers a broad set of best-of-breed hybrid cloud solutions utilizing the VMware software stack, and VxRack, based on VMware EVO SDDC, will add to this strong portfolio," said Marshal Whatley, senior director, product management, CenturyLink, in...

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