Ubuntu Metered, Cloud-Style Storage Pricing Rolled Out

Canonical is thinking out of the box and putting its innovation on display at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada this week with a software-defined storage support service that gives enterprise IT maximum flexibility. ItEUs called Ubuntu Advantage Storage.

Simply stated, Canonical is now offering metered support plans with prices based on the amount of data written. That strays from the traditional approach, which tallies the number or size of disks or machines used to provide the service.

Canonical is offering this support with optional L3 escalation. Both open source technologies like Ceph and Swift and vendor solutions from Nexenta, Swiftstack and other third-party providers are included in the portfolio.

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, said customers EUprefer on-demand usage-based pricing.EU HeEUs betting the new automated management and integration will be especially attractive for companies with smaller clusters that still want a top-notch experience out of the gate.

Dynamically Increase Storage

Ubuntu Advantage storage gives enterprise IT more choices. Enterprises, for example, can deploy scale-out storage technology onto their commodity hardware infrastructures and still distinguish between supported and unsupported clusters. IT can also route support calls to a range of specialist providers through Canonical as the common L1 support provider.

But what has the industry talking is the ability to dynamically increase storage capacity by adding more machines or disks to the cluster. ItEUs turning heads because NAS and SAN arrays, by contrast, require up-front commitment to large amounts of capacity and are difficult to scale incrementally.

EUSwiftStack was founded to give enterprises the benefits of OpenStack Swift without having to develop their own management stack,EU said Joe Arnold, co-founder and chief product officer at SwiftStack. EUPrograms like Ubuntu Advantage Storage help enterprises choose the engine that powers the worldEUs largest storage clouds with SwiftStack, the certified object storage distro in the...

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