Uber Whistleblower and Company HR Chief Clash Online

It's been eight months since former Uber engineer Susan Fowler upended the ride-hailing company with her explosive blog post accusing company managers of sexual harassment and sexism. But Uber's new human resources chief, who is largely in charge of fixing the cultural issues Fowler highlighted, reportedly hasn't met with Fowler -- and doesn't plan to.

That's according to a Q&A The Wall Street Journal published with HR head, Liane Hornsey, on Monday.

Hornsey joined Uber in December, a month after Fowler left, and a month before Fowler published the blog post. When asked if she'd reached out to Fowler, Hornsey said no.

"I have said, very publicly, 'Thank you' to her because she raised some stuff that did lead to change," Hornsey told the publication. "I don't know whether there would be any benefit in meeting her. I'm seriously working for my employees today; she's an ex-employee."

Fowler took the comment as an affront, tweeting "oooh burn" and "She really, really doesn't like me."

Hornsey's comment also didn't sit well with another female software engineer -- Tracy Chou, who is an outspoken diversity advocate and works with Ellen Pao on Project Include.

"wait what. for real, lady?" Chou tweeted in apparent disbelief at Hornsey's response.

Fowler's original post kicked off a firestorm that engulfed the $70 billion company and ultimately led to the resignation of its CEO Travis Kalanick.

"The Susan Fowler blog was very difficult for this company," she told The Wall Street Journal. "We did 200 listening sessions. I made it very clear that every single email from every single employee would be answered by me in 48 hours. Believe you me, I sat up until 4 a.m. every bloody morning answering thousands of bloody emails."

Hornsey also used the interview to detail steps Uber is taking to promote diversity and inclusion, some of which are part...

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