Twitter Teams with SoundCloud, iTunes for In-Tweet Audio

A new Audio Card feature on Twitter will enable mobile users to stream music directly from their timelines while reading or sending tweets. Twitter is launching the new feature for iOS and Android devices in partnership with SoundCloud and Apple's iTunes.

SoundCloud partners who have started providing music, podcasts and other audio through Twitter include the BBC World Service, Chance the Rapper, Coldplay, Cricket Australia, David Guetta, Majid Jordan, NASA, NPR, Sigur Rós, This American Life and the White House. And the band Foo Fighters is the first iTunes partner to feature the Audio Card in a Tweet announcing a new single from their coming album, "Sonic Highways."

"WeEUre just beginning to test the Audio Card and plan to make it available to more partners and creators in the future so that many more musical artists and creators will be able to share exclusive, in-the-moment audio to millions of listeners on Twitter," said Twitter Product Manager Richard Slatter in a blog post announcing the new feature.

For 'Superstars to Bedroom Beatmakers'

While the ability to tweet with the Audio Card feature will initially be limited to a select number of partners, SoundCloud expects to eventually make the feature available to everyone "from global superstars to bedroom beatmakers," noted Alexis Giles, Director of Business Development, Platform, at SoundCloud. In a blog post, Giles said that expanded availability will arrive "in the coming weeks."

The new Twitter Audio Card feature lets users start streaming sound from their mobile devices with a single tap. The feature allows users to "dock" the Audio Card so they can continue to listen while reading or sending tweets.

By tapping the Audio Card, a user can get a full-screen view with information and screen/cover art from the audio provider, or minimize it to continue browsing while listening.

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