Trillium Aims To Boost Dynamics CRM Data Quality

Boston-based Trillium Software is rolling out enterprise-class data quality and enrichment features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to let admins and users achieve accurate, complete and single views of their customer data as part of on-premise and cloud-based data quality operations.

Trillium for Dynamics CRM promises to help organizations analyze, validate, correct and enhance existing customer data, as well as data imported from marketing activities or third party providers. Trillium specializes in data quality products.

The new product lets Dynamics CRM users verify and validate e-mail records, verify addresses, link contacts and accounts, update leads and contacts, and enrich their data with third-party information.

The new release introduces a new architecture for batch data cleansing operations, together with multi-field record matching capabilities, according to Trillium. These capabilities promise to address the requirements of both cloud deployment models as well as enterprises with large volumes of customer records.

Greater Accuracy

The company said that with its data quality capabilities wedded to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, enterprise customers can:

Automatically ensure record fields are accurate, and assess inbound records for completeness, data placement, and structure against data libraries.

Verify and guarantee the accuracy of global address and location.

Enhance, enrich and append customer data as well e-mail records to help Dynamics CRM users more clearly understand customer and prospect needs.

Automatically correct data and latitude and longitude appends on the fly.

Identify and automatically merge or de-duplicate customer records to help ensure that data is more complete and accurate.

As Microsoft Dynamics CRM achieves greater penetration within larger enterprises, the capabilities in the new Trillium product can enhance customer success, according to the company.

Quality More Crucial

We asked Michele Goetz, principal analyst in enterprise architecture for Forrester, for her thoughts on TrilliumEUs new offering. She said it could be valuable for organizations that have dealt exclusively with standalone customer relationship management (CRM) products.


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