Toshiba Debuts DynaPad, a Lighter, Thinner Surface-Like Device

Could a lighter, thinner hybrid laptop/tablet offer computer users the best of both worlds? Toshiba is betting its new two-in-one DynaPad, designed specifically to take advantage of Windows 10, will fit the bill.

Announced today, the DynaPad comes with a detachable keyboard, meaning that it can function as both a traditional laptop and a standalone tablet. Many of its features are relatively ordinary, such as its Atom processor and only 4 gigabytes of memory. But Toshiba is counting on the fact that users will be satisfied with its versatility as the DynaPad is not just a traditional laptop but a digital note taker and image creator as well.

Getting Closer to a True Hybrid

We reached out to Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research, who told us he found the DynaPadEUs form factor intriguing for a couple of reasons. For one thing, MicrosoftEUs Surface Pro and other hybrid devices havenEUt lived up to the promise of bringing together the best of a tablet and laptop in one device. "These devices still end up being better as one or the other, and typically aren't optimized for either use case," according to Dawson.

The new Toshiba DynaPad as well as MicrosoftEUs Surface Book, which debuted last week, reflect a shift in emphasis by manufacturers, and seem closer to giving users fully-functional laptops that happen to include serviceable tablets as well, said Dawson.

"The reality is, though, that what we're seeing here is continued experimentation with new models, and no one knows what people will actually end up buying," he said. "But it does look as though Windows 10 is making some interesting new models possible, and that, in turn, is leading to some real innovation, which this space badly needs."

Realistic Pen

The DynaPadEUs 12-inch screen displays at 1920 by 1280 pixels and offers both anti-reflection and...

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