Today’s the Last Day To Get Windows 10 for Free

With just days to go before Microsoft releases its one-year Anniversary Update of Windows 10, today is the last day for users to upgrade to the operating system for free. Meanwhile, the company is facing two lawsuits over its efforts to get customers to replace previous Windows versions with Windows 10.

Late yesterday, Windows and Devices Group software engineer Dona Sarkar tweeted, "Everyone has about 28 hours to get the free upgrade of Windows 10 PC. If you don't like it, you can roll back."

Rolled out at the end of last July, Microsoft billed Windows 10 as the "last" version of the OS, as updates going forward will be incremental and delivered automatically through the cloud. Since its release, the new operating system has been available as a free upgrade to existing Windows users, but that's set to change later today, just days ahead of Tuesday's scheduled Anniversary Update.

Complaints about 'Aggressive' Update Push

Windows 10 is now running on more than 350 million devices around the world, according to the latest figures released by Microsoft. Unlike previous versions of Microsoft's OS, including the widely revised Windows 8, Windows 10 was developed with extensive input and feedback from the company's Insider developer community.

Microsoft has called Windows 10 its "best, most secure Windows ever," and the operating system has been generally well received. However, the OS has not been without its critics, including many who have faulted Microsoft for its aggressive efforts to push customers to download the upgrade.

On Tuesday, The Seattle Times reported on two lawsuits that had been filed against Microsoft regarding the company's actions with Windows 10. Filed in Florida and in Israel, both complaints are seeking class-action status on behalf of Microsoft's customers.

From Free to More than $119

On July 22, three Florida men, Ahmad Al...

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