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For under $11, you can get an MP3 player with 16GB of expandable storage and Bluetooth support. Not. Too. Shabby.


If you thought MP3 players went the way of the iPod Shuffle, well, they mostly did. Many (most?) folks store their music libraries on their phones, or skip collecting music altogether in favor of using streaming services like Spotify. But there are times when a dedicated music player can come in handy, and right now you can get one for a song. (Rim shot.)

For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Wiwoo 16GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth is just $10.80 with promo code JU9YBPFP. It normally sells for $36.

First things first: BYO headphones. Although Wiwoo supplies a set of wired earbuds, they're absolutely terrible. Tinny, uncomfortable, guaranteed to break; toss 'em immediately. Thankfully, the player itself is fine. I plugged in wired Apple earbuds and later paired some Bluetooth headphones with the player and found the sound quality to be very good overall. (That was with some high-bit-rate MP3s; your experience may vary, of course.)

In addition to 16GB of onboard storage, the player has a microSD slot that can accommodate memory cards of up to 128GB. It supports pretty much all the major music formats, and can also play AMV and AVI videos on its 2.4-inch screen. (Hot take: Don't bother. You have a phone for that.)

The player has an FM radio as well, though using it requires wired headphones -- the wire serves as an antenna. Wiwoo even supplies an armband for on-the-go listening and an AUX cable for jacking into your car radio or home stereo.

Take note, however, that the player isn't great at dealing with playlists (you have to shoehorn your tunes into one of three that come preconfigured on the device), and it limits your playback options to either alphabetical order or shuffle-play. Not ideal.

But, $11! If all you need is a simple player for your audio library, they don't come much cheaper than this.

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