The Top 10 Technology News Stories of 2014

This year gave us plenty of headlines for the tech industry, both positive and negative. From the introduction of new devices like the iPhone 6 to enormous data breaches at major companies, 2014 showed how technological developments are impacting all corners of the world. As we reflect on the year gone by, we've chosen what we think are the 10 most important technology stories of 2014.

Unprecedented Data Breaches and Cybercrime

This was the year that hacking graduated from nuisance to an act of war. In addition to significant data breaches at companies like Dairy Queen, JP Morgan, and Apple, several government agencies were also the victims of serious cyberattacks, including the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Postal Service, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

More worrisome, however, is the fact that several of the attacks seem to be coming from state actors. The NOAA hack is thought to be the work of the Chinese government, while the Russian government is suspected of being behind a breach of White House computer systems. The recent attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which proved to be the costliest data breach in history, is believed to have been perpetrated by the North Korean government. However, some security experts disagree and are pinning the blame on Sony insiders.

Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream

Tech companies moved into the cloud in a big way this year. Several companies debuted new cloud services, including Salesforce, which introduced a centralized file sharing service; Microsoft and Accenture teaming up on Microsoft Azure, a hybrid cloud platform; and Dell debuting its new cloud service marketplace.

It also fueled a ton of M&A (merger and acquisition) activity, with major tech firms all lining up to get their hands on hot cloud technology. EMC bought three enterprise hybrid cloud startups -- in...

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