Tesla CEO Elon Musk Takes Control of Model 3 Production

It's often said that if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. It looks like Tesla CEO Elon Musk has applied that maxim to the production of his company's much-delayed Model 3 sedan.

The car, Tesla's hugely hyped bid to bring electric vehicles to the masses, has been subjected to production holdups. The Palo Alto electric car maker has said nearly half a million people have pre-ordered Model 3s, but only a few thousand of the vehicles appear to have been delivered.

According to a new report, Musk has bumped aside senior vice president of engineering Doug Field and taken direct control over Model 3 production.

"Mr. Musk had given Mr. Field several chances to raise output, but the company has repeatedly missed its Model 3 production targets over the past year, including after Mr. Field took over manufacturing," The Information reported Monday, citing unnamed sources said to have been briefed on the matter.

Tesla earlier this year ordered a temporary shutdown of Model 3 manufacturing that Field was overseeing, while the battery-module plant was kept running, the tech website reported.

"The move gave the production side of the company a greater supply of batteries and the chance to show how quickly it could move with them," The Information reported.

But that didn't appear to help much with Model 3 manufacturing, so a few weeks ago Musk authorized removal of conveyor equipment at his firm's Fremont factory, gear that was reportedly adding to the delay in getting car parts to the production line.

"But that shift also failed to help speed up Model 3 production enough to hit the target," according to The Information.

Tesla more or less confirmed the report.

"Model 3 production is the highest priority at Tesla, so Elon is focusing his time there while Doug focuses on vehicle engineering," the company...

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