Teradata Acquires StackIQ for Data Center Automation Tech

San Diego's StackIQ, which makes a platform to automate tasks in data centers and other giant computer clusters, said this week that it's been acquired by database analytics software provider Teradata Corp. for an undisclosed price.

Founded in 2006 by computer experts from the San Diego Supercomputer Center, StackIQ raised more than $10 million from investors over the years. The company is based in Solana Beach.

A Teradata spokeswoman declined to reveal how many workers StackIQ employs but said Teradata plans to add StackIQ's engineers to its team.

"As Teradata continues to expand its engineering R & D skills to drive ongoing technology innovation, we are seeking qualified, talented individuals to join our team," said Oliver Ratzesberger, chief product officer for Teradata. "StackIQ has set the bar with stellar engineers who we are honored to now call Teradata employees."

Teradata is based in Dayton, Ohio. But the company has a large footprint in San Diego, where it runs several corporate functions, including data center research and development. The facility in Rancho Bernardo is considered to one of Teradata's three primary locations in the U.S. -- along with Dayton and a campus near Atlanta.

Under terms of the deal, Teradata acquired StackIQ's technology that automates and accelerates software deployment across large clusters of computers -- both physical and in the cloud.

The technology reduces delivery times for complex software installation and updates at on-premises server farms, cloud-based data centers and virtual, software-based computing systems.

StackIQ was founded by Tim McIntire, Greg Bruno and Mason Katz. McIntire previously led the development team at the Digital Image Analysis Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Bruno and Katz came from the Supercomputer Center on UC San Diego's campus, where they helped develop the Rocks cluster toolkit -- an easy-to-use configuration/management package for large computer systems.

Formerly called Clustercorp, StackIQ was initially bootstrapped...

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