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You'll soon be able to watch the Christopher Nolan time-twister at home.

Warner Bros.

If you're not feeling comfortable enough to watch Tenet in theaters amid the coronavirus pandemic, you're in luck. The Christopher Nolan time-twister is coming to Blu-ray, DVD and digital on Dec. 15, just in time to watch at home for the holidays, and preorders are now open. Warner's initial list prices sounded very much on the high end -- the 4K UHD Combo Pack was officially priced at $45, the Blu-ray at $36 and the DVD at $29 -- but the real-world prices of the movie are much more in line with standard home media prices for new movies. On day one, we're seeing the 4K disc pack for $30, the Blu-ray pack for $25, the DVD for $20 and the digital version for $20

Note that the Blu-ray disc versions include a digital code for the movie, too. The 4K UHD Combo Pack and Blu-ray for Tenet include a digital code for the movie, as well as an hour-long behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, as told by the cast and crew.   

The movie was released globally in theaters starting in August. In July, Warner Bros. said it wouldn't switch to a streaming release that premieres on HBO Max, even amid fears about the pandemic. Other Hollywood giants, like Disney and Comcast's Universal Pictures, have opted for online debuts for some of their films originally slated for theatrical releases. Hamilton, for instance, was released on Disney Plus earlier in the summer, and DreamWorks Animation released Trolls World Tour as a digital rental in the spring. 

The film's cast includes John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Dimple Kapadia, Martin Donovan and Fiona Dourif, among others. 

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