Teens May Be Leaving Facebook, But Facebook Denies It

Perhaps one of the most frequently repeated ideas in the tech world is that teenagers are leaving Facebook in droves, choosing to use Twitter or other social networks instead. Even though there is quite a bit of data backing this up, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg is now insisting that teens are not leaving the social network in massive numbers.

Even though teens may not be leaving the social network altogether, Sandberg did recognize the fact that as 2013 has progressed, the network has seen a decrease in the number of teenagers that use Facebook on a daily basis. This seems to suggest that although teens are not actually getting rid of their profiles, they are choosing to actually interact with other users on different social networks.

Usage Is Stable?

During an interview on Friday, Sandberg tried to ease concerns regarding how many teens are using the social network after CFO David Ebersman made comments suggesting that teen use of Facebook had decreased. Although she did not deny those comments, Sandberg noted that the media's reaction to them was "blown out of proportion."

"The vast majority of U.S. teens are on Facebook" she said. "And the majority of US teens use Facebook almost every day." Stating that the majority of US teens use Facebook every day does seem a little unlikely and that statement hinges on whether or not logging in but not interacting at all with user posts is actually "using" the social network.

EUWe are pleased that we remain close to fully penetrated among teens in the U.S.,EU Ebersman said. EUUsage among U.S. teens overall was stable from Q2 to Q3, but we did see a decrease in daily users, specifically among younger teens.EU

Ebersman statement is what set off the frenzy of articles suggesting that Facebook was losing teen users. Fortunately for Facebook,...

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