Tech Needed To Boost Retail Sales, Salesforce Says

This holiday shopping season, customers are increasingly avoiding brick-and-mortar stores in favor of buying online, according to a new report on consumer shopping patterns commissioned by Salesforce titled ?EU?2015 Connected Shoppers Report."

In fact, 88 percent of shoppers who avoid going to physical stores during the holiday season do so due to the crowds (82 percent), limited parking (48 percent), convenience of online shopping (48 percent) and a lack of knowledge/service from seasonal employees (24 percent). One of the study's key results is that retailers are failing to leverage technology to create multichannel experiences for shoppers.

The Millennial Divide

?EU?As Black Friday approaches, and with more than $950 billion expected to be spent this holiday season in the United States, new research from Salesforce shows that in order to succeed, retailers need to accelerate digital transformations to provide personalized, 1-to-1 customer journeys for customers,?EU? the company said in a statement.

The failure of retailers to use information technology to their advantage is particularly noticeable when it comes to millennial-age shoppers (ages 18-34), who represent a trillion-dollar market, according to Salesforce.

More than one-third of the Millennials Salesforce surveyed said they would like retailers to use location-based technologies to know who they are when they walk into stores. And almost two-thirds of Millennials responding to the survey said they would be willing to disclose their personal data and social media profiles to brands to get better service.

?EU?To succeed in this new era of the digital shopper, companies need to put customers at the center of everything they do,?EU? said Jodie Fox, co-founder, Shoes of Prey, in the statement. ?EU?It?EU?s all about creating a personalized experience for each and every customer whether they are online or in-store.?EU?

More Technology, Please

But even though Millennials are the most enthusiastic about stores using technology to improve the shopping experience,...

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