T-Mobile’s Big Plan To Revolutionize Text Messaging

The Un-Carrier is still working to one up the competition, especially its closest rival Sprint. T-Mobile today rolled out Advanced Messaging. Built on Rich Communications Services, T-Mobile described Advanced Messaging as text messaging for the mobile Internet age.

EUYou donEUt need me to tell you a phone isn't just a phone anymore. Chances are you do a lot more texting than calling with your smartphone,EU said Neville Ray (pictured above), chief technology officer at T-Mobile. EUMost people do. In fact, over 92 percent of us use our devices regularly for texting -- far more than any other activity.EU

What Advanced Messaging Does

Ray, though, said there's a problem -- a problem that T-Mobile is claiming to solve. For more than 10 years, while companies like Facebook, Skype and Snapchat have been rolling out cool new messaging features and functions wireless operators in the U.S. havenEUt exactly advanced at the same pace on the messaging technology front.

EUWant to send a big video file? Want real-time chat or to see message receipts?EU he asked. EUYouEUve likely had to hunt down proprietary messaging apps and recruit family and friends to get on board with them.EU

Advanced Messaging offers one-on-one and group messaging, including real-time chat. You can see when others are typing, when your message is delivered and even read. (The iMessage on the Apple iPhone already does that.) But Advanced Messaging also lets you share high-res photos and videos up to 10 MB the same way you would a regular text message. The tech is built in to work with any device and any operating system.

The New Standard?

We turned to Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst, to get his thoughts on the new service. He told us this will be helpful to some users.

EUMost users send quick text messages. They are OK with the text...

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