T-Mobile Boosts Family Plan: $120 for Four 10 GB Lines

If you thought there might be a ceasefire coming in the pricing war between mobile phone carriers, think again. T-Mobile, which has gone all-in on the idea of beating other carriers on price, has announced yet another pricing change, this time to its family plan.

Family plan members will now each receive 10 GB of monthly 4G LTE download service each, meaning individuals will not have to share the 10 GB, according to T-Mobile. The company said that family plans will start at $100/month for two lines -- each additional line will cost another $20 per month. Each line will include unlimited talk, text, and data, and no annual contract will be required. T-Mobile said the plans will become available starting Wednesday.

No Overage Fees

For a family of four, T-MobileEUs plan would offer a total of 40 GB of 4G LTE data at a total cost of $120 a month. A similar plan by Verizon, meanwhile, offers only 10 GB to be shared by the entire family, and costs $140 a month.

T-Mobile noted that the Verizon plan only offers unlimited talk and texting. Verizon also charges $15 in overage charges for every 1 GB used beyond the 10 GB included in the plan, which would bring the total cost to $360 a month for the same amount of data.

In addition to the price cut, T-Mobile said it would offer a fourth line for free for customers who sign up or switch to the plan before Labor Day. Users will also be able to increase the amount of data on their plans, up to 20 GB per month per line, for an additional $10 per month.

The Pricing War Continues

The offer is only the latest salvo T-Mobile has fired in a pricing war that has lasted months. It also...

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