Synaptics New Fingerprint Sensor Is as Small as a Headphone Jack

Apple might have earned a lot of attention for designing its Touch ID fingerprint reader to fit inside the iPhone?EU?s Home button, but Synaptics is aiming to go one better. The user interface developer has come up with a new fingerprint sensor so small it can fit inside the volume rocker on a smartphone.

Synaptics' sensor, dubbed the FS4304, comes in at only 3.5mm wide, the same size as the standard plug for an audio out line. That's small enough to fit on the edges of even the skinniest smartphones or tablets, allowing it to be mounted on either side of a device.

The flexible design and area-touch biometric sensor eliminates the ?EU?footprint and cost required of creating an additional cutout in the frame or glass, and enhances the user experience by utilizing a natural finger resting location,?EU? the company said in a statement.

Slim Design, Smaller Form Factor

The FS4304 is just the latest sensor to be featured in the company?EU?s FS4300 sensor family, which has already shipped 50 million units into mass production. Synaptics has made a name for itself by offering fingerprint sensors that can be designed into front buttons, rear panels, edges of devices, as well as through thick cover glass, addressing button-free industrial designs.

The ultra-slim design of the latest model will allow it to fit into even more small spaces, the company said. One sensor, for example, could be embedded in a phone's home screen, a second on the back of its case, and a third somewhere on the edge of the device. That way, the phone would be able to detect the user?EU?s fingerprint as it rests naturally on the device.

Although the top-line iPhone 6 and 6s models might be the most famous examples of devices with fingerprint sensors integrated directly into smartphones, the...

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