Sprint Teams with Boingo To Bring Wi-Fi to Road Warriors

If you like to send -- or watch -- videos while youEUre traveling, you may have bumped up against your unlimited wireless limits. So whatEUs a road warrior to do?

If you do business with Sprint, you can tap into wireless in more places than ever before. ThatEUs all thanks to a new partnership with Wi-Fi provider Boingo Wireless. Sprint and Boingo just inked a multi-year Wi-Fi deal that promises wireless users easy, secure access to Wi-Fi in 34 major U.S. airports.

EUWith Wi-Fi being the worldEUs largest wireless ecosystem, we view it as a highly complementary layer to our network,EU said Stephen Bye, CTO of Sprint. EUBy enabling customers to move seamlessly between secure Wi-Fi and cellular, our customers will have a better mobile experience in more locations, all while lowering their cost of data usage.EU

Sprint Innovates Again

HereEUs how it works: Sprint devices that are near a Boingo hotspot can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network and tap into the fastest available network speeds, whether cellular from Sprint or Wi-Fi from Boingo. These auto-authenticating Wi-Fi connections are free for Sprint customers with compatible devices. That means it doesnEUt count toward your monthly bandwidth.

Jeff Kagan, an independent technology analyst, called the new Sprint program innovative. During the last year or two, Sprint has grown into a much more competitive and important wireless communications provider, he told us. This Boingo deal is one more example.

EUIt will help Sprint attract the attention of the traveling community, which is a very important and very profitable segment,EU Kagan said. EUThis is good news for both the traveling public and for Sprint. Step by step, Sprint is getting better and stronger. We have seen AT&T win big with their Wi-Fi offering as well. So the history is there.EU

As Kagan sees it, one of the more interesting areas...

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