Sprint Offers Year of Free Wireless Service to DirecTV Users

No. 4 carrier Sprint is taking its gloves off in the wireless battle. This time, though, the company isn't targeting T-Mobile with trash talk -- it's targeting AT&T with a marketing promotion that could cause a mass exodus.

Sprint is making a one-time offer to DirecTV customers: free service for an entire year when they switch to Sprint. ThatEUs nothing to sneeze at and could cause AT&T to at least clear its throat in the face of this aggressive competition. AT&T acquired DirecTV for $49 billion in July.

EUDirecTV customers love their TV service -- but they shouldnEUt have to settle for AT&T wireless,EU said Kevin Crull, chief marketing officer at Sprint. EUWhy not build the perfect bundle by combining with Sprint wireless? WeEUre winning awards across the country because our network has never been stronger, faster or more reliable, and our customers have never been more satisfied.EU

How It Works

Earlier this month AT&T came out with a strong deal. The company is offering a $500 per line credit to DirecTV and U-verse customers willing to switch to its wireless service. Based on a $50 per line cost, SprintEUs deal appears just a little sweeter.

If you want SprintEUs deal, though, youEUll have to move quickly. The deal is only good through September 30. The offer lets DirecTV customers switch to Sprint -- or existing Sprint customers add new lines of service through Sprint Lease, iPhone Forever, Sprint Easy Pay1 or pay full retail price for their smartphones -- and get 12 months of unlimited talk, text and a full 2 GB of data per line. The deal is good for up to five lines.

HereEUs how it works: Qualified DirecTV customers can upload a recent DirecTV bill at www.sprint.com/directvoffer. Next, they go to Sprint.com or call Sprint Telesales to switch allegiances. Customers can also...

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