Sprint Aims at Business with Google Apps for Work

To enable better collaboration between employees, Sprint is offering a mobile-focused version of Google Apps for Work that will offer a cloud-based single sign-on powered by Ping Identity.

That means a user can sign on to all of his business apps with just one username and password while meeting the access and security requirements of the company's IT department.

"We welcome all businesses, whether they are using Sprint wireless services or not, to rely on us for Google Apps for Work to help them remove obstacles and encourage their employees to work better together," said Mike Fitz, vice president of business solution commercialization at Sprint Business.

Fitz said companies can also benefit and more easily adopt cloud computing by combining Google Apps for Work with its pricing options like Sprint Business Share and Sprint Business Fusion plans, "plus the value-added services we offer like single sign-on, e-learning and 24/7 end-user support."

Mobile Collaboration Is Key

By 2015, 37.2 percent of the workforce will be mobile, so having access to collaboration tools on mobile devices will be critical to the success of businesses, according to research firm IDC. However, according to figures from Salesforce Rypple, 96 percent of executives point to the lack of collaboration or ineffective communication as a workplace issue. Adoption of mobile tools can increase employee productivity, Sprint said.

"Adopting mobile collaboration tools is critical for businesses," said Rich Karpinski, principal analyst at 451 Research. "Resistance is futile for several reasons: Competitors will move faster than you will, partners will seek like-minded collaborators, and employees will look for a workplace more aligned with their values and that will provide and/or support their desired work tools."

What's Included?

Sprint's offer of Google Apps for Work includes a range of deployment and support services, called Carefree Cloud, so all employees can use the solution. Carefree Cloud includes...

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