Spain Leads the Way in 4G LTE Speed, United States Still Lags

Think your 4G LTE coverage is as good as it could be? Odds are itEUs not. OpenSignal found that not all LTE networks are created equal by a long shot -- in fact, there are big differences between countries and networks. And the United States has some of the slowest 4G LTE speeds in the world.

An app from OpenSignal lets users contribute to that organizationEUs coverage maps of mobile networks, and OpenSignal took data from those of OpenSignalEUs 11 million users to measure two metrics: download speed and the proportion of time spent with access to the LTE network.

España es Rápido

The data, gathered between November 2014 and January 2015, found that South Korean networks perform among the best in the world, recording fast speeds and excellent coverage. Vodafone ES, out of Spain, recorded fast network speeds but showed limited coverage. EnglandEUs 3 UK recorded the lowest time on LTE of all the eligible networks, while CricKet USA was the slowest of all eligible networks. Several networks were not included in the survey because their speed and coverage readings did not provide a large enough sample size.

Speaking of Vodafone ES, Spain has the fastest mobile network speeds in the world, averaging 18 Mbps. Vodafone ES came out the fastest of OpenSignalEUs eligible networks, with speeds of 25.2 Mbps. The fastest country in a similar survey from a year ago, Australia, fell to 14th with all of the networks recording similar speeds between 12-15 Mbps.

U.S. Slower, Saudi Arabia Slowest

T-Mobile is the fastest network for LTE in the U.S., although U.S. LTE speeds rank among the slowest in the world overall. In the United States, Verizon showed the best performance -- its 4G users had access to the network 85.9 percent of the time -- with Sprint lagging far behind...

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