Sony PS4 Hit with New Game Pirating Hack

A new game pirating hack has targeted SonyEUs PlayStation 4 (PS4). Gamezone is reporting that the hack is coming from a Russian Web site that Brazilian retailers are leveraging to make a quick buck.

Sony was not immediately available for comment, but Gamezone reported that Brazilian retailers are helping customers hack their consoles and have 10 games installed for $100 to $150. Each additional game is $15.

We turned to Brett Fernicola, CISO at cybersecurity solutions firm Stealthbits Technologies, to get his thoughts on the hack. So far, it appears different from the PS3 hack that Sony squashed several years ago, he told us.

EUThe trick with the PS3 was that the actual unit itself needed a hacked firmware loaded. Then any game that was copied to disk or Blu-ray was easily playable both online and offline,EU Fernicola said. EUIf you stayed offline you could play your games forever until a new game came out that required a more recent firmware to load.EU

In that case, you needed to obtain a new hacked version of that firmware, he said. If you connected one of these hacked PS3s to the Internet, Sony could easily detect you had a bogus firmware and could shut you down.

EUIf this new hack does not require modification to the actual firmware of the PS4 then I think Sony is in for trouble. However, the details of the article donEUt go deep enough to really pick this apart yet,EU Fernicola said. EUIf the clean retail PS4, including its NAN/BIOS, is being cloned to another clean retail PS4, one would have to assume once online Sony would be able to detect duplicated or cloned machines.EU

The Impact of Piracy

That said, FernicolaEUs opinion is that piracy in general has little effect on the market. That's because there will always be people willing to...

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