Sony Clip-On Device Makes Any Glasses Smart

Move over, Google Glass. Sony said Wednesday that itEUs working on a wearable that will likely be debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. While the new product is similar to Google Glass, itEUs different in that it clips right onto typical eyeglasses. Google's version, on the other hand, is itself a pair of glasses. Sony's clip-on device is a separate module that transforms regular spectacles, sunglasses and other types of eyewear into wearable technology.

Sony said it accomplished that capability by equipping the device with a high-resolution color OLED microdisplay with a resolution of 600x400 pixels, a micro-optical unit to maximize the potential of the display's high image quality, and a miniaturized control board with arithmetic processing capabilities on par with smartphones that was made possible by high-density packaging technology. The device also boasts Bluetooth capabilities and weighs in at 40 grams.

The company said the module is ideal for use in sports, noting that cyclists or golfers could use the attachment to access course information or distance readings. The obvious competition for the new Sony product is Google Glass, which has failed to catch on with the public. The price of the Sony product isnEUt yet known, but by undercutting Google Glass, which costs up to $1,500, Sony could carve out a piece of the market.

Not Enough Buyers?

But how much market is there to carve out? When we talked to Tuong Nguyen, Consumer Tech & Markets analyst with Gartner Inc., he said the wearables market might already be too crowded -- and the response to the market has been too underwhelming -- for a new product to make much of a splash.

"ItEUs interesting that it attaches to the glasses," said Nguyen. "But itEUs still something you have to put on. I have other wearables, and I donEUt like...

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