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Every computer I work on these days seems to have a virus on it of some form or another. I am often asked which program I recommend. I can say in all honesty that every system I run in my own home has AVG Anti-virus installed. AVG Professional Single Edition is a full commercial product offering the maximum virus protection, product customisation and most importantly free virus database updates and technical support for the duration of the licence period of TWO YEARS! AVG is the best, the most user friendly, and the most valuable tool I use to protect my computers. I cannot recommend any Anti-virus higher, because there is not one that can beat it. Click on picture above for the single user edition. To the right is the network edition for businesses.


AVG Network Edition provides antivirus protection for computer networks. The same advanced detection methods used by AVG Professional Single Edition (heuristic analysis, generic detection, scanning and integrity checking) are available for all of the workstations on your network. This editon includes a license for 3 servers and/or workstations. Free virus database updates and technical support are provided for the duration of the licence period of TWO YEARS! The AVGADMIN tool provides the network administrator with all the necessary tools to centrally administer and manage all workstations on the network, including AVG installation and configuration, virus database and program updates, and performing tests on remote network workstations.

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