So Long Siri, Hello Alexa: Goodbye Privacy?

It seems our lives are now filled with sexy sounding digital assistants all competing to serve us. Amazon's Echo with Alexa has been a real hit because "she" is always standing by to answer your request. If you haven't used Echo, it is often described as "like Siri, but it works."

There are a host of seductive assistants waiting to serve: Siri, Cortana, and the old reliable "Hey Google." The allure of the new digital assistants is that they are always on, and don't require a computer.

But as your seductive new assistant listens for your requests, is she also spying on you and your life? Is the convenience of artificial intelligence (AI) tied into the Internet worth a potential loss of privacy?

Why this is important: Voice recognition and response is the first wave of AI that is making real in roads into your daily life. The "always on" aspect of devices listening also opens up the potential of "Big Brother" recording everything you ever ask.

Siri, Cortana, Alpha...What's the Difference in Those Sexy Voices?

Siri: Siri from Apple has been around for so long now, she is almost passé. The jokes about Siri giving the wrong information and directions are too numerous to reference. And, rumor has it Apple will replace/update Siri when they launch their own Echo like device.

Cortana: Cortana is the newest sexy sounding siren from Microsoft. Microsoft was very smart in putting Cortana as a search bar on Windows 10 computers, and an integral part of phones and tablets. From personal experience, I have to say Cortana is very accurate and provides the convenience of being able to search your local device, your cloud and the Internet. Cortana will also read some information back in a very pleasant voice.

Hey Google: We cannot forget the dominate gorilla of search -- Google....

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