SNL Stars Help Yahoo CEO Launch News Digest

Following a series of unfortunate Web-based issues with its e-mail and other services, Yahoo made a strong debut at this year's 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With a little help from her friends, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer used the event to unveil new products including the News Digest app and services -- many of them in the entertainment industry.

At the event, Mayer also noted that mobile usage of its services has risen over the years and reached an all-time high of 400 million monthly mobile users per month during late 2013. This is a major achievement for Yahoo but according to Mayer, the company will continue to push into mobile during 2014 in an even more significant way than it did last year.

Entertainment Services

Mayer went onstage at CES alongside Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast members, Katie Couric, and former New York Times tech columnist David Pogue. The well-known actors and media personalities joined Mayer in announcing a variety of new entertainment and news-centered services that Yahoo will begin to roll out this year.

With the help of Pogue and SNL stars, Mayer unveiled Yahoo Tech and Yahoo News Digest. Both of these products will be based around news, and the News Digest app will take advantage of Yahoo's acquisition of news app Summly, as it will provide news updates twice each day. These updates will provide a summary and overview of the day's biggest stories, in case people do not have enough time to read longer articles about each topic.

Yahoo Tech, one of two new "digital magazines" that was unveiled during the event will provide tech news and information on a regular basis. The other magazine that Yahoo is focusing on will be based around food, although if these two are successful, it is possible...

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