Snapchat Spectacles Get a Codename: Laguna

Snapchat maker Snap Inc. isn't sharing many details about Spectacles -- the video camera-sunglasses expected to go on sale in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

But bits of information are leaking through its app as the Venice firm prepares for communicating with the gadget.

Spectacles are codenamed Laguna in the app, according to Android developer Marcell Mészáros, who recently analyzed the source code of the entertainment service.

Users will pair their Spectacles sunglasses to their smartphone by staring at a personalized barcode on the app, what Snapchat refers to as a Snapcode.

Spectacles will shoot video clips of up to 10 seconds at a time. They don't have to be connected to a smartphone to film, but users will need to be near their phone to download the videos to the Snapchat app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. From the app, the videos can be shared with friends.

The app recognizes the color of the sunglasses, suggesting that the resulting videos may somehow highlight which model the user has, Mészáros said. Snap plans to release Spectacles in black, teal and coral.

Snap hasn't said how much Spectacles will cost or how they will be sold, other than that the roll-out will be limited.

Mészáros noted other features being tested within Snapchat are a new cybersecurity system, the ability to adjust the quality of videos, a low-power mode and general performance improvements from its new Seattle development team.

Snap also is experimenting with a feature among some users enabling them to shake their device when they encounter an error or issue, which brings up a tool for sending feedback to the company. Snap declined to comment.

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