Snapchat Fuels Augmented Reality Hardware Rumors

If rumors in the tech world are to be believed, Snapchat is gearing up to enter the hardware industry on the back of recent acquisitions.

Reports stated that the popular photo sharing mobile service is set to enter the augmented reality (AR) field.

Snapchat is said to have joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) which maintains the Bluetooth wireless standard.

With the recent move by the firm, rumors have further gained ground as being a part of the SIG is the required prerequisite for firms that wish to employ Bluetooth in any hardware devices.

According to a Tech Crunch report, "Snapchat is an 'adopter' in the SIG, which is a free tier that provides member-companies with a license to build Bluetooth-enabled products, and to work with other Bluetooth SIG makers on collaborative efforts."

The sudden move from software to hardware has been reported to fuel speculation that the firm must be working on AR wearable devices.

Further, Snapchat recently acquired Vergence Labs, a start-up that had been developing a headset similar to Google Glass.

Some tech reports further stated that the company has been making swift and stealthy progress in getting the right team in place to begin its hardware work and produce an actual gadget, much like the Google Glass.

The company is said to have hired hardware engineers and experts in the field of wearable devices. Snapchat is also said to have hired veterans from Logitech and Nokia.

Even though speculations regarding an actual device being created are rife - analysts claim that the social media software giant is most likely working in the field of augmented reality or virtual reality glasses.

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