Skyhigh Networks Unveils Dashboard for Cloud Risk

How risky are public cloud services? One company, Skyhigh Networks, is out with a new dashboard that is designed to help assess that risk.

Called the Skyhigh Enterprise Cloudrisk Dashboad, the new product employs advanced analytics to provide a data-driven approach to cloud security assessment. CEO and founder Rajiz Gupta said in a statement that the dashboard is looking to bring the same kind of EUobjective, quantitative credit scoresEU to managing cloud services that financial services firms have been using for years to evaluate lending risk.

On its corporate blog, SkyhighEUs Kamal Shah said on Wednesday that the CloudRisk Score could be compared to the FICO credit score in that, like the assessment of credit risk, the CloudRisk Score EUprovides enterprises with an objective, quantifiable assessment of cloud risk.EU


The dashboard offers a single score for overall cloud risk, which uses a 1 to 10 scale based on such contributing factors as service, user and data risk. CloudRisk recommendations suggest specific actions for reducing cloud-based risk and increasing that score, and users can view details on contributing metrics that drive the scores.

Benchmarks provide a comparison with an organizationEUs CloudRisk Score across departments or with peers in the same industry, and CloudRisk Trends show changes to the score over time, in addition to insights about changes in users, service and data risk. This kind of quantified feedback, the company said, could help organizations continually improve their security profiles.

Lawrence Orans, research vice president with industry research firm Gartner, noted that the range of cloud-based apps vary in their security levels, from those with enterprise controls to EUones that are more consumer friendly.EU He suggested that the CloudRisk Dashboard might be useful EUif you want visibility into what your employees are doingEU in the cloud.

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