Silent Circle Targets Enterprise Clients with Latest Phone

All eyes will likely be focused on the launch of the latest version of the iPhone next month -- leaked memos indicate the iPhone 6S will probably debut sometime in September -- but another high-end smartphone will be making a much stealthier entrance to the market. The Blackphone 2 is the latest privacy-focused handset from device maker Silent Circle that features a bigger display, faster processor, and more memory.

Silent Circle first introduced the Blackphone 2 earlier this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. While the original version of the phone was aimed at consumers, this one is targeted toward enterprise clients who want to make sure communications between employees are kept secure.

Shifting to Enterprise Market

Billing itself as the EUworldEUs first enterprise privacy platform,EU Silent Circle is building out an entire ecosystem of devices, software, and services for business clients looking for secure enterprise communications. EUSilent CircleEUs Enterprise Privacy Platform was built upon the companyEUs original founding purpose: to offer privacy in the face of widespread data surveillance and collection,EU the company noted on its blog.

EUWorking within a global infrastructure that requires constant connection while maintaining the privacy of your organization and its employees is a massive challenge, and one that will only grow with the expansion of mobile services and offerings,EU Bill Conner, president and CEO of the Switzerland-based company, said on its blog. EUSilent CircleEUs goal is to meet that challenge.EU

The shift toward enterprise clientele is a significant one for the company, which had originally focused primarily on individual users concerned about personal privacy. But with the move into the enterprise market, Silent Circle is aiming to occupy the position BlackBerry once held as the secure mobile device of choice among businesses.

Bigger Display, More Memory

Like its predecessors, the new Blackphone runs on Silent...

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